Eating healthy and enjoying it: Ghee

Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to eat foods that are unappealing or taste like baby food. It means that you are aware of what you are eating and how much you are eating.  It means making good choices in your ingredients and cooking methods. I have to admit that I love restaurant food, fast… Continue reading Eating healthy and enjoying it: Ghee

China and Pottery

Setting the Table: Old Country Roses by Royal Albert

Since the last two posts were quite long, I had promised myself the next post would be short and something light in subject.  China seemed to fit the requirements, but to my surprise the history of the pattern I chose, Old Country Roses, is quite complicated. Since it was only introduced in 1962 the actual… Continue reading Setting the Table: Old Country Roses by Royal Albert

day trip

Day Tripping 2021 Episode 1 January 9, 2021

A day trip (AKA wandering, exploring, out and about, vagabonding) was long over due.  COVID, chilly weather, and Christmas had interfered for too long.  I planned the trip early in the week with an eye on the weather, but determined that I was going, rain or shine.  The question was where to go. I didn't… Continue reading Day Tripping 2021 Episode 1 January 9, 2021

New Year, winter

January 2021 – The Beginning

January, the month of new beginnings and cherished memories, beckons. Come, let winter weave her wondrous spell: cold, crisp, woolen muffler days, long dark evenings of savory suppers, lively conversations, or solitary joys. Outside the temperature drops as the snow falls softly. All of nature is at peace. We should be, too.  Draw hearthside.  This… Continue reading January 2021 – The Beginning

Then and Now

Thursday: Then & Now

Lesson learned:  do not wait to photograph an old building whose fate is being determined by school officials and City leaders. Lesson I hope the San Antonio ISD learned: do not let your buildings deteriorate until they are crumbling and beyond saving.  Most likely, they did not learn this one. I have searched for quite… Continue reading Thursday: Then & Now