Thrift Store Tuesday: A Surprise

I had not planned on going thrifting today. Just to Hobby Lobby for greeting cards, then Costco and Trader Joe’s for groceries. However, as I left home, I felt a little nudge to make one thrifting stop, after all it was convenient to Hobby Lobby, and as I justified to myself, it never hurts to see what might surprise me.

And, I was rewarded. Almost the first thing I saw were two boxes on the bottom shelf in the Christmas section. Open boxes with pictures of Christmas china in a familiar pattern on the top. Oh yes, my eyes could not believe the contents of the dusty boxes. Each held a 5-piece place setting of the Nikko Christmas pattern. A little dirty, but in good condition and going home with me! I had not gotten a cart when I came in the store, so I gathered up the boxes and backtracked to get a cart. Mine mine mine!

Excuse the crud on the plate, they went right into the dishwasher after I made pictures. Isn’t the little bear charming?

I first saw this pattern right after last Christmas and put it on my “watch for” list. I found two of the cups not too long afterwards, but never expected to find what I found today. There’s a little more to the story of what drew them to me, but I’ll save that for another post.

What else did I find in the Christmas section? A tinsel tree! My family had a large tinsel tree for several years during my childhood and whenever I see one I feel a little nostalgia. I’m hoping the thrift store faries will someday lead me to a full size tree in good condition. For now I have this little one. It’s branches were bent and twisted, but a little TLC made it just fine.

Ooops. Just noticed the price tag, guess I need to pull it off!

6 thoughts on “Thrift Store Tuesday: A Surprise

  1. Congrats on your find! It’s nice to use special dishes on a holiday. It makes it all the more special. I like the tinsel tree, too. Now I want to go thrifting.

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  2. Oh, my, these are great finds! I love the scene on the dishes and the octagon shape, green line, and the little indentations along the center. All of those really work together to make a charming table setting. The tinsel tree is not only nostalgic, it looks perfect next to your old fashioned clock and what looks like a lantern. Perfect, and I’m ready to go thrifting, too!

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    1. I am sure there are some good places around Oxford! I’ve always wondered how many of my grandmother’s beautiful things ended up in some off them. She worked hard at City Hall and collected treasures as she could afford to.

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      1. I used to visit a few here, but have not in quite a while. We are going to Eastland and Cisco later this month and I will visit a few there. There (and Baird) were my favorite haunts when we lived in Abilene.

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