It’s About Time

A sleepless night for most people in the area, but a welcome sight in rain gauges this morning! If you’re laughing at this relatively small amount of rain, then consider that is the most rain we’ve had from a single event since October 2021, just over 18 months!

The storm was very large and, in addition to the rain, produced much lightening resulting in natural fertilizer for yards and landscaping. Everything looks so fresh this morning and already the grass in my yard appears to need mowing.

There is more rain in the forecast for the coming week and we are thankful for what we have received already. I don’t think our drought is over, but this certainly will ease the situation.

3 thoughts on “It’s About Time

  1. A nice rain does refresh everything. I water my plants from rain water which I collect through a rain barrel. I noticed when I started doing this that my flowers seemed to flourish. I didn’t need Miracle Grow. I do think the rain water is, as you say, a natural fertilizer.

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