When the magnolias bloom

I have a thing about magnolias. Like the amaryllis, they only bloom once a year so you have to enjoy them and appreciate them when they bloom. And I do!

I live in Texas and I love it here. I have the red dirt of Mississippi in my veins and I love it, too. So it’s easy to see why I love magnolias. They aren’t as plentiful here as they are in Mississippi, so when they bloom I know where they are and I seek them out.

Two trees are located in the local botanical garden and since I’m a member it’s easy to check on their blooming status. This year one of the trees was kind enough to give me two blooms low enough to easily photograph. One was just starting to open and the other one had been open for a while. The second tree had a bloom just opening, but almost too high for me to reach – had to stand on tip toe and hold the phone way up there. I got the picture!

Per the app on my phone, these are Southern magnolias, the same magnolia variety that is the State Tree of Mississippi. The blooms weren’t as plentiful as they usually are (and not as fragrant either) possibly due to the drought that has plagued this area for several years. Still, they were just as beautifully delicate as always and gave me pictures to enjoy until next May when they delight me once again.

6 thoughts on “When the magnolias bloom

  1. Hello from rural Japan. I’m also a magnolia lover! They are just everywhere here and in spring- what a show! They also grow wild in the mountains. I love the pink ones.

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