On the vine

Cherry tomatoes on the vine instantly bring back the memory of sneaking a few into my mouth while crouching low in the garden furrow to avoid my grandmother on the next row from seeing me. I had been told not to eat them unwashed, but how could I resist that warm, juicy taste! This was … Continue reading On the vine

It’s About Time

A sleepless night for most people in the area, but a welcome sight in rain gauges this morning! If you're laughing at this relatively small amount of rain, then consider that is the most rain we've had from a single event since October 2021, just over 18 months! The storm was very large and, in … Continue reading It’s About Time

Fiesta Flowers

Did you make tissue paper flowers when you were young? I'm not sure if I did or not. I seem to remember the accordion folding part, but nothing else. Maybe I did, but there have been "many moons" since I was young and I don't remember! I've wanted to make these for a long time … Continue reading Fiesta Flowers

Roaring March

This picture was made while I was still cleaning up, so excuse the mess on the deck. The month of March arrived just as the old saying goes, "in like a lion" only it waited until the 2nd day of the month to turn into the lion. The forecast had predicted high winds with a … Continue reading Roaring March

The First Bud 2023

After coming home from church on Sunday, I was hovering over my poor amaryllis plants, lamenting over how straggly they look and wondering if quite possibly there would be any blooms. The winter storm of 2021 and the record wind chill temperatures during Christmas week 2022 wreaked havoc with the amaryllis even though they were … Continue reading The First Bud 2023