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How to waste a Friday afternoon

Last July I posted about finding three pieces of Homer Laughlin Eggshell Nautilus china in a thrift store and opening a new world of discovering this vintage line of china. Read the post I have continued to look for pieces since then and was rewarded when I found three more pieces in an antique store… Continue reading How to waste a Friday afternoon

Then and Now

Thursday: Then & Now Gonzales Texas

1939, photo by Russell Lee 5 January 2022 These buildings are on St. George Street, facing Confederate Square and the Gonzales County Courthouse. They were built during the late 1800's and early 1900's in styles typical of that time, reflecting the economic prosperity that came to many small towns with the arrival of the railroad.… Continue reading Thursday: Then & Now Gonzales Texas

Little Free Library

In the Image of San Jose

What do WPA markers, National Register of Historic Places markers, and Little Free Libraries have in common? Answer: They all delight in surprising me with their appearance when I least expect it. This Little Free Library was sitting just outside the Visitor Center at Mission San Jose when I visited last week. Walking out of… Continue reading In the Image of San Jose