The Blue Bicycle

What is it about blue bicycles? This pillow immediately caught my eye and, of course, it came home with me to spend the summer in this chair. I was looking for a summer theme pillow and this was the perfect choice! Perhaps the blue bicycle attraction is based on this one that served me well … Continue reading The Blue Bicycle

Close to home

In the Spring 2021 AAA Explorer magazine travel essayist Pico Iver shares a discovery that came to him and his wife as a result of the COVID lockdown.  In The Wonders Close to Home he provides an enjoyable narrative of beginning the practice of taking walks with his wife in their Japanese neighborhood where they have … Continue reading Close to home


Winter appears to be almost over where I live.  We've had 3 snow falls and record breaking cold in spite of the fact that it was predicted to be a La Nina winter with warmer temperatures and dry conditions.  We certainly had (and continue to have) very dry conditions, otherwise, La Nina went elsewhere.  Oh, … Continue reading Winter

Almost Gone

One more day and August 2020 will be finished and we will turn the calendar to September.  As we all know, nothing will change and we will move through another month just as we always have done. However, this year it seems that August has been a blur, a very fast blur. I haven't felt … Continue reading Almost Gone