The Blue Bicycle

What is it about blue bicycles? This pillow immediately caught my eye and, of course, it came home with me to spend the summer in this chair. I was looking for a summer theme pillow and this was the perfect choice!

Perhaps the blue bicycle attraction is based on this one that served me well for many years until my mother-in-law was pleased to have it passed on to her to ride on the country roads around their property. It was a Christmas present in 1964 and eventually had a wire basket added to the handlebars.

I still remember the look on Daddy’s face when I came home early from a Brownie meeting just a few weeks before Christmas to discover my parents in the process of finishing putting the bike together in the living room. The look was very clear, “now what do we do”; the bike was to have been a Santa present! I’m not sure what their plan was to get it to my grandparents’ house without me know it was travelling with us, but I had messed up the plan whatever it was! I don’t remember what Santa actually brought me that Christmas, but it didn’t matter because I had my new blue bicycle waiting for me to ride at home. Just to note – I had to grow into it a little before doing any expert riding.

This bicycle isn’t blue, but close enough to catch my eye in the store display several years ago. I don’t know if it was the bike (with the basket like mine had) or the quote from Meister Eckhart that held my attention, but I stood there for some time and took this in. The next time I visited this little town, the bike and quote were gone and replaced with a different scene. Sometime later, I did see the bike propped up in the store and I wondered if it was a treasured relic of the owner that was a reminder of a time long ago.

7 thoughts on “The Blue Bicycle

  1. I can’t tell if your bike was a Schwinn, but mine was. It was the only bike my parents ever bought me. Such a gift was a big deal! It was a gift when I turned 14 (I believe); in 1973. It was a 3 speed bike, and it was blue. (Before that I had a hand me down bike from my sister.) I kept that bike until 2003, I think. The only reason I got a new bike was that it had rusted out and to fix it cost more than a new one. One time my daughter rode my bike to school, and the kids made fun of it because it had fenders. That bike served me well, as I’d guess your bike did, too. P.S. I was a Brownie, too! I still love riding bikes.

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  2. I love this so much! The picture of you is CLASSIC! My grandmother had a blue Schwinn that my granddad really souped up with rear view mirror, basket and headlight, and I loved to ride it when I went to visit them in Shreveport over the summer back in the day.

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  3. I loved this post! The bicycle pillow was so cute, and then the icing on the cake seeing you in your cute little Brownie uniform with your foot on the pedal! I would love to have an old-fashioned bicycle where you stopped by pushing backward on the pedals! My cuz has one of them (fenders and all!) and a little rattan basket that her toy poodle rides in.

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      1. Whoa, I cannot “like” that now can I? It does take a while to get used to them–I would forget at first to use the hand breaks and had to learn to drive with at least 2 fingers on them all the time.

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