What Have You Been Doing?

Two friends and I met for lunch this morning to enjoy some time together and catch up on life events. As best as we can remember, we last saw each other in May or maybe even April. We had a lot to talk about over lunch and lingered well after Frappuccino’s were finished. During our meal one of them asked me, “so what have you been doing?” and I laughed and replied, “that’s a good question because I often ask myself the same thing”! I stay busy all the time, but at the end of the day I’m never sure I’ve ever really accomplished anything. And that bothers me.

I rattled off a list of things I’ve done over the past few months while in my mind I thought of things I haven’t done. Things like write, go exploring, finish up projects, read those books stacked up – the very things I really want to do. It was a moment of realization – almost like waking up from a long sleep and coming back to reality. Time spent being busy versus being productive became very clear.

Mindfulness has escaped from me and that habit will have to be recultivated. What is important and what really matters to me when considering the day’s tasks is a question to be asked – before the day gets under way. Lunch with friends can be very enlightening privately.

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