Deciphering Changes That I Don’t Want To Make

This picture has nothing to do with this post. It is just for interest.

I saw down this afternoon to start a post, but instead found myself extremely frustrated with Word Press.  If you use WP then you know about the Block Editor.  I know about it, but haven’t devoted time to learn to use it.  I still switch back to Classic Editor.  However, today Classic was MIA and nowhere to be seen.  In addition, my WP Admin was missing from my toolbar.

After an hour searching both the Internet and WordPress support, I realized that I know nothing other than write and post. I’m behind-the-scenes illiterate with blog and website terminology and how-to’s.  WP support wasn’t too helpful either and I could not find a way to contact them as I had done in the past. I had hit a road block.

I was faced with the following choices:

  1.  start from scratch and begin to learn about the terminology I was unfamiliar with and how to apply it.  considered looking at local universities for classes.
  2. abandon WP and return to the free Blogger. tempted to do so.
  3. abandon writing for a while so I could learn block editor. not a bad option, but I want to write now.
  4. read some more.  don’t give up.

So, I took a break and fed the dogs and swept up leaves (which are raining down right now off my live oak trees). A break from a problem always gives a better understanding of how to proceed and clears one’s mind. When I sat down, I resolved to contact WP and, if necessary, get tough with them.  I wanted answers.

I’m still not sure how I did it, but I got into the live chat screen.  This was after I had tried to download the WP Classic Editor plug-in and then couldn’t install it. I’m going to hand it to WP live chat as they quickly responded to every question I had and they gave me the correct answers (unlike phone, cable TV, and Internet providers). 

My chat person explained that Classic Editor has been deprecated and sent me a link with helpful information, including how to access it for now.  It will not be supported indefinitely, most likely gone by 2022. They are also merging navigational features, so that explained why the WP Admin button was gone.  There may be more changes and they suggested keeping an eye on their blog.  Read More Here. Just to note:  the substitute Classic version is a little awkward to use, but for now it is getting the post done.

In addition, my color scheme had changed and although it was a minor thing, I asked about it.  Why not, as long as we were chatting.  There was a pause while they researched and then returned with the answer that while the overall color scheme of WP had changed it was possible to customize it in settings section on your account page.

Now I had answers and my faith in WordPress was restored! I still do have to learn to use Block Editor and I am motivated to learn about all this terminology and how to use it, but will do so slowly.  But, here’s what I learned – when searching the Internet remember that a lot of the information is stale dated although it appears to be current. Even the forums (which were way too techie for me) on WP Support were stale.  I do need to explore their support site and become familiar with it, another thing to do.

In trying to remember how I got into the live chat, I did a quick search and found this helpful information:

How to Access Live Chat Support When you are logged into, click on the blue and white ? icon in the lower right corner to access all of our Help resources. Then, click the Contact Us button. Type your question in the box under “How can we help?” and then press Chat with us to begin the chat session

For now, I’m happy.  I just need to remember what it was that I was going to post about when I sat down here several hours ago. 

6 thoughts on “Deciphering Changes That I Don’t Want To Make

  1. Good for you for persevering! I am lucky that when I started, it put me on the block editor right away. I also took a few WordPress classes in – free through our library. Do you have access to something like that? Don’t give up! I enjoy your blog too much!

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  2. I think most of us get frustrated with changes in tech that seem unnecessary. I avoided Block as long as I could, and at first, just used the paragraph and image sections. The pink flowered tree was a nice touch–perhaps it did have to do with the post: “Just because something is pretty is no reason to remove intuitive functionality.” 🙂

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  3. Oh no, this sounds scary. It seems like there’s always something else to learn, even when something seems to work just fine as is. I haven’t used my WP account in a while, but maybe it’s time to hobble back over there before technology completely passes me by!

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