Eleanor’s Faith

Both President Trump and Texas Governor Gregg Abbott have declared September 3, 2017 as a Day of Prayer following the destruction of the Texas Gulf Coast and Houston area after Hurricane Harvey last week.  There has been much praying already for these areas and I am hopeful that this Day of Prayer will remind people … Continue reading Eleanor’s Faith


My neighborhood was constructed over very unstable ground, and as a result most homes have shifting foundations. When one homeowner dug up their yard to re-landscape they revealed a sidewalk that clearly showed signs of upheaval. If the shifting ground did that to a sidewalk I can only imagine the force that is moving my … Continue reading Upheaval

The Sea

The ocean intrigues me.  Although I’m not an “in the water” or “on the water” person I love to be on the coast.  I like eating fresh seafood, walking on the beach, and hearing the gulls calling. I don’t mind the heat and humidity, after all there’s air conditioning to escape to! I love the … Continue reading The Sea