And, so it blooms

We all agree that 2020 has been an “exceptional” year and that we are ready for it to be over.  Wow! However, in the upheaval of COVID, a stream of hurricanes, and an unbelievable election year (among other things) we have all found little signs that bring us joy and reassurance that God is in control! This week I have experienced one of those joyful little signs in watching my plumeria plant open into blooms.

This plumeria was given to me several years ago by some dear friends who had propagated it from one of their many beautiful plumeria plants.  I have always loved plumerias and was excited to finally have one.  Every winter it died back, but always sprouted again and, over the summer months, would grow in size.  I would fertilize it and re-locate it hoping for blooms, but none appeared.  Until 2020! It is blooming! The plant is almost as tall as I am and I had to balance on a chair to get this picture! There are many blooms that will open in the coming days, too.

This plumeria had been more than just a plant that I wanted to survive and thrive.  I babied and pampered it because the man who had given me this had been bravely battling MS for many years.  The pool and his flowers were his delight, after his wife and 2 daughters, of course! Brad lost his fight with MS in January, just before COVID roared in. I really feel he sent these blooms to me as a sign to remember to experience peace in my heart and trust that God is in control and all is well.




3 thoughts on “And, so it blooms

  1. What beautiful flowers! The pureness of white with a dash of cheery yellow thrown in. I am sure the blooms are a gift from your friend. Enjoy your day and the coming blooms of your plumeria!

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