The Sea


The ocean intrigues me.  Although I’m not an “in the water” or “on the water” person I love to be on the coast.  I like eating fresh seafood, walking on the beach, and hearing the gulls calling. I don’t mind the heat and humidity, after all there’s air conditioning to escape to! I love the seacoast and never get enough of it.

 Genesis tells us that God created the seas (1:10) and truly his handiwork is evident in the complexities of the ocean.  The waves never cease.  Day and night, season after season they come up on the shore just like God’s love that never ceases.  The tides come in and out right on schedule, just like the rising and setting of the sun. They are examples of the preciseness of the creation. The waters conceal hidden wonders that lie beneath them, just like the hidden places of our hearts and minds that only the Holy Spirit can search.


But I think that what the ocean really reminds me of is eternity.  Sit on the beach and look across the ocean and try to imagine what is beyond the horizon.  All you see is water that seems to stretch forever.  Just like eternity.







One thought on “The Sea

  1. Such a perfect job of describing the ocean, this is exactly how I feel. The ocean has such a calming affect and I love each time I visit the ocean. God made only beauty for us to enjoy,

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