Blooms & Transplants


I’ve never liked the expression “you have to bloom where you’re planted”. I heard this and similar sayings as I grew up, both at home and in my church life. It seems to be an acceptance of weak resignation to endure a situation and make the best of it; life is the way it is and no matter how miserable you are this is just the way it is meant to be. I cringed every time this phrase popped into my head when I thought about something that I was involved in that was not bringing me any happiness. But not anymore!

One morning while complaining to myself and God this expression crept up on me and as I wished again that I had never heard it I also had the accompanying thought that I could not bloom where I was planted and that I needed a transplant. A transplant just like some of the plants in my yard were needing. Eureka, the light snapped on! Just like plants that need the right conditions to grow and flourish, so do people. If the condition you are in isn’t right, then you need to consider a transplant.

A fern will not grow in bright, hot sunlight no matter how much water you give it. Likewise, zinnias will not grow in shade and hibiscus will not grow in cold temperatures. Granted, some plants will tolerate a condition that may not be altogether favorable for them. And some thrive just about anywhere you plant them. But most plants need just the right amount of light, a certain amount of water, and temperatures that are favorable to their species. Aren’t humans like that, too? Some people thrive no matter where they are or their circumstances. Others seem to be able to tolerate a few bumps in the road of life and go on their journey. But most of us need just the right conditions.

No, you don’t have to bloom where you’re planted if the conditions aren’t right for you. God does not intend for his children to be unhappy and miserable. Yes, sometimes things happen that we can’t do anything about; that’s where faith that God will get us through comes in. And, sometimes we back ourselves into a situation that we just have to deal with. But if you’re in a situation and you just can’t bloom there, then it is time to think about a transplant. Think about the plant that can’t grow in the wrong type of soil; transplant yourself.

One thought on “Blooms & Transplants

  1. Amen, I agree with everything you say. I have transplanted myself several times when I was in a miserable friendship with someone who made me very unhappy. My husband and I transplanted ourselves to another area 11 years ago and life has been so much better. God is my guide in all that I do, each and every day. Love this post, you did such a good job telling all of us how to have a happier life. Love your photo.

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