My neighborhood was constructed over very unstable ground, and as a result most homes have shifting foundations. When one homeowner dug up their yard to re-landscape they revealed a sidewalk that clearly showed signs of upheaval. If the shifting ground did that to a sidewalk I can only imagine the force that is moving my house’s foundation around! The movement of forces deep within the earth certainly has a tremendous effect on what’s on the surface.

We experience upheaval in our lives, too. And while we usually blame external forces such as jobs or family quite often it is really internal just like the force of the shifting ground. The external force may be the trigger that sets off the upheaval, but the inner self then takes over. The problem gets rolled around in our mind and then grows significantly until our vision is cloudy and out of focus; the real issue becomes obscured. Then it simmers like a pot of soup or chili that is bubbling on the back of the stove. To further increase the upheaval we may discuss the issue with friends and family; like Job’s well-meaning friends they give us their view of the problem and how we should react.

As the upheaval starts step back, realize what is happening, and accept it. It may not be easy to do that or to think of the issue with a joyful heart, but it is the first step to avoiding upheaval. Then before your inner self takes control ask God to bless the situation. Just lifting it up to Him and knowing that He will take you through the situation takes the weight off of you and the upheaval never has a chance to start.

One thought on “Upheaval

  1. Good post Beth. My Mother use to tell me – “Think, count to 10, then use your words carefully when an annoyance or disaster disturbs your life.” She also told me to pray. It always helps to ask God to help you. Hope your house foundation does not look like that sidewalk. Wow

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