Almost Gone


One more day and August 2020 will be finished and we will turn the calendar to September.  As we all know, nothing will change and we will move through another month just as we always have done. However, this year it seems that August has been a blur, a very fast blur. I haven’t felt that boredom and sense of waiting while the days slowly move by and I feel like August will never end.


I’ve always looked forward to the coming of September.  In addition to back-to-school activities there was the start of football and pumpkins appearing on porches.  I was always anxious to get out the box of fall decorations and put away the summer décor. I looked forward to October and cooler weather as well as to November’s Thanksgiving celebration. Perhaps it was the anticipation that made August seem eternal.

Several years ago August left me feeling hot, tired, and dusty just like it left my yard.  I was done.  I put a wreath on the front door and a few pumpkins on the porch and called it fall.  I watched football with only a nod and the pumpkin cake recipe didn’t call to me.


But, something has happened as August 2020 moved by in a blur.  Yes, it was hot, dry, and dusty.  But, there is a change here and I feel that old anticipation of welcoming fall with arms full of fall decorations; it’s back! Decorations will be out the week after Labor Day.  I’m planning on visiting the pumpkin patch on opening day.  I’m looking at the fall issues of magazines and planning some fall meals. Yay, I say it’s fall in my mind!

The only thing that will be missing is the NFL and I’m looking forward to not planning my weekends around their games.  Perhaps a few college games will be played and I’ll enjoy watching them as I always do.

Goodbye August! See you next year!






6 thoughts on “Almost Gone

  1. I’ve had the same feelings with the “Christmas spirit.” Some years, it all feels like a chore, and then suddenly, I’ll have a year where it’s Christmas full speed ahead! Whatever the reason, it sure feels good to have the spirit. I happily await cooler temps and less humidity. Goodbye August!

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    1. I’ve had those same experiences at Christmas. Last year was miserable and I couldn’t wait for it to end. This year I’m determined it will be full speed ahead as I love the season!

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  2. It is hard to get excited about anything in 2020 with covid all around. But I must admit August has seemed eternal – I am glad at last that Fall is near. I love Fall and it has always been my favorite time of the year. August was full of constant rain here in Arkansas, with storms that caused many to watch winds and tornadoes destroy their homes. Hope the coming days improve.

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  3. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I started feeling that anticipation earlier this month. I don’t have any more school kids/activities to look forward to, but I put out the silk mums and fall flag on the front porch. Bring on fall!

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