The end and the beginning


So the month of November ends; likewise tomorrow the new month begins. I’ve always thought of November as my favorite month of the year.  November is when we gather for Thanksgiving meals and my thoughts always turn to Thankgsivings past, spent with loved ones now gone from this life. November is when we start preparing for Christmas, too, and I enjoy those early preparations. Our weather turns cooler, skies are a deep blue on some days and a misty gray on others, and finally, the fall colors will appear here in the heart of Texas.

I’m a lot happier this November than I was a year ago and I’ve enjoyed November a lot more.  In fact, I’ve made it a point to enjoy it as much as I could.  Walks with the dogs just immersing myself in the beauty of the day, road trips to a few places that bring me joy, gathering my family at my table for a Sunday dinner, and decorating my house for Christmas.

What? Decorate before Thanksgiving? For shame, but I did and I’m glad I did! Now that is done and I’m enjoying the decorations and the slowly changing lights on the tree without feeling hurried. After all, tomorrow is December 1st and we start the Happy Holidays activities.

So goodbye to November, you’ve been good and I’m ready for December.


Experiencing the seasons


We’re past the middle of October and fall is in full swing; the wait is over.   Pumpkins on the porch, football teams are winning and loosing, and we’ve had that first “cool” front that brings a deep blue sky and cooler days. I always enjoy watching the seasons change and find myself anticipating each one.

I’ve always thought the seasons are much like life in that the seasons of nature and the seasons of inner or spiritual growth that we experience are very similar. Let’s take a look:

When our spirits are in the season of winter there is a quietness much like the stillness of a cold winter day. Or, perhaps the spirit has been laid bare much like the trees that are leafless. This is when we find ourselves drawing within and contemplating our true self, the inner self.

The season of spring begins slowly in our hearts as we emerge from the cold of winter. Our hearts quickly open and fill rapidly with new understanding and maybe a sense of a new direction to follow.  Remember that first is the bud, then the bloom and then the full, open flower in this season.

The long days of summer filled with activities that stretch late into lingering sunsets are much like the pleasant days when your spirit is content and moving from one day to the next with a sense of direction.  The growth of spring has given a sense of purpose to life that has blossomed.

The colors of fall come as the summer foliage begins to look a little tired. Fall is associated with the harvest season and so it is with the spirit.  The long shadows in the afternoon offer an invitation to reflect on the season of growth and where our spirit will move next on the journey.