Jackson Dog Show – Day 2

Mom, I say we just get out of here and make a run for it!
Mom, I say we just get out of here and make a run for it

Our day started early at the dog show.  I was still in the hallway outside when the welcoming announcements were made and everyone was asked to observe a moment of silence in honor of the heroes of the 9/11 attacks.  While the National Anthem played I rubbed Bentley’s ears and silently gave thanks to God that I am an American and that America is still a great country because of the good, productive citizens. Let’s keep the flag waving folks!

Bentley was the only dog in his class and there was only one other male dog, so we won our class and took reserve to the other dog.  I’m not sure why the breed counts for long haired dachshunds are so low this year; usually this is a big dachshund show.  But we visited around and enjoyed our morning.  I am always pleasantly surprised to remember that people in the deep South are extra friendly (sorry Texas, they got you beat in the friendly competition).  I had several people walk up to me, introduce themselves and chat like we were old friends.  One lady even thanked me for coming and supporting the show!

Natchez Trace

This afternoon was our free afternoon.  After much debating and no plan whatsoever, we headed out to the Natchez Trace Parkway. We did a fast food drive thru (Remember my post about not leaving home without an ice chest?  Well, guess what I left without on this trip?  So, now I’m eating fast food pretty much all the time because I can’t take a dog in the restaurants). Our first stop was at a site where you can see part of the Old Natchez Trace.  I ate and then we began to explore.



I’m sure that in a few weeks this will all be ablaze with fall colors.   Today we were the only ones here, so I unclipped Bentley’s leash and let him go.  He needed some time to just be a little dog with his nose to the ground enjoying the smells.



He blends in real well with the leaves, doesn’t he?  He was moving all the time, so I had to be ready to catch him when he would stop briefly!

We continued on around the Ross Barnett Reservoir and then up the Trace to a stop by the Pearl River. The area where we were was deserted, so I was able to unleash Bentley again.



The afternoon was lovely, not too hot with a soft breeze.  We sat here for a while just absorbing where we were.  I kept thinking of all the places I wanted to go and things we could do, but was content to let them be for another day on another trip.  Solitude was all we needed.

Finally we left and continued up the Trace.  The Trace is two lanes (50 mph) and you can only turn around at either a cross road or one of the historic sites.  I chose one of the sites to turn around and head back to Jackson.  As I pulled up to read the marker a dog came walking up from the shade of the little circle drive.  There was no one around and I suspect that it isn’t a very well visited site.  She was clearly looking for someone to rescue her.  She was hungry looking, but not starving, and started to walk up to the car.  It broke my heart, but I had to turn around and leave her.  I had no crate and even if I did Bentley would have been ballistic.  I had no food and only a little water in a bottle, no bowl.  All I could do was pray for an angel to help her.  I drove back to Jackson thinking what could I do and decided to make some phone calls when I got back to the hotel.  I called the NTP information line, but while the lady was polite she didn’t offer to do anything other than notify the dispatch department.  She asked me how I knew the dog was abandoned (ha ha lady).  So I looked up several rescue organizations in Jackson and called one.  I spoke with a nice man who asked many questions and was writing everything down.  He said he wasn’t sure what he could do, but would try.  I felt helpless and frustrated because I’m not part of the community and didn’t know who to call.  All I can say is – shame on anyone for not loving their animal and just dumping them out!

Bentley was worn out and even slept in the car.  When we got back to the hotel while I was contacting people about the misfortunate dog he crawled under the writing table and passed out.

Jackson dog show

Poor little puppy!  He’s now curled up in my lap sleeping while I write.  How he curled up that long body enough to sleep here I don’t know!

We went out tonight looking for a nearby barbecue place whose web site proclaimed they had a drive thru.  Turned out the place was closed, not sure why, so we drove around downtown for a bit before facing another fast food meal.  Jackson’s downtown intrigues me in a sad way.  But I’ve written enough for now.  That will wait for another post.

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