Jackson Dog Show, Day 1

I think we may be on the way to a dog show.
I think we may be on the way to a dog show.

Bentley and I saddled up early this morning, dropped the other yappers off and after a quick trip back home to reconfigure the load (drop off the extra crate and load suitcase and dog supplies) we were on the road.  Our primary reason is to do the dog show going on in Jackson, Mississippi.  But, I’m hoping that after we finish tomorrow we can head out for some dog friendly sight seeing.

Bentley is a good traveler, but he just doesn’t sleep much when we are on the road.  It took a while to get here since I had to stop a little more to let him walk a bit.  He did try to nap a few times, but with each bump in the road or a change in speed he would look up at me.  Poor little guy!  While some dogs are all ga-ga to go bye-bye, he is not.  I can tell he is thinking, “where is she taking me and what is going to happen to us?”  Even now he’s curled up under the writing table, but his eyes are open.

Today was just drive, drive, drive to get here, but as we drove along I was seeing things that I want to stop and explore.  I’m promising myself a slow, leisurely road trip in the next few months.  Have to plan carefully, too many things to see, so little time!

Mississippi River at Vicksburg
Mississippi River at Vicksburg

I love the Welcome Center just as you cross the river at Vicksburg!  It was a good place for Bentley to walk before we finished up our journey.  And, I had to snap pictures!  As a child we would occasionally cross the river here, but Daddy preferred not to since the old narrow bridge could only accommodate traffic one way at a time.  There was always a long line to cross and  he didn’t want to wait!


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