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Thursday: Then & Now

1985 photograph from the NRHP nomination form From its opening in 1904 to its closing in 1975, the Carnegie Library was a cultural and educational center for the small, central Texas community of Belton. However, its days of serving the community were not over when the library relocated to a new building. The Bell County… Continue reading Thursday: Then & Now

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Memorial Day 2021:Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery

As a small child I lived on Clark AFB, Philippine Islands. Outside the base there was a large field with rows and rows of small white crosses. World War II was still very much on my parents' minds and I remember my Mother very awkwardly trying to explain to me what the crosses represented. Many… Continue reading Memorial Day 2021:Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery

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The not a mystery anymore building

Bentley and I have been enjoying a few days in Jackson MS at the wonderful dog show they host each September.  Or rather I should say that I have ben enjoying this time as Bentley would just as soon be home sleeping on the sofa! I had planned several outings, but other than one cemetery… Continue reading The not a mystery anymore building

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The Goddess and the Lady

What do the Goddess of Liberty and Lady Justice have in common other than they each overlook their respective kingdoms?  Well, they share many common things with one exception. Let me introduce you to these two lovely ladies. The Goddess of Liberty sits high atop the Texas State Capitol surveying the busy city of Austin… Continue reading The Goddess and the Lady