Jackson Dog Show, Day 3

Saturday has been a big day for us!  In the morning show Bentley took Reserve Winners Dog, beating another dog to do so.  During the afternoon we showed in the Mississippi Dachshund Club Specialty Show.  Bentley blew me away this time when he took Winners Dog!  The dog he beat was handled by a man who is a legend in the south and had a beautiful standard dachshund.  I’m thrilled and humbled at the same time.  We didn’t place in Best of Variety, but we had our win.  Thank you to a fabulous judge who carefully examined every dog and closely watched as we moved in the ring!

After a long day we were really tired, but I did get downtown to make pictures.  The weather turned cooler overnight and the day was lovely, so I was glad to get outside for a while.  We only got around the State Capitol before it was getting too late to really get pictures.  I’ll put a post on Doorway Into the Past about the Capitol soon, but here are a few pictures to share for now.


The Capitol is undergoing an extensive restoration right now.  I’ve only been inside once several years ago, but remember it being amazing on the interior.  Tonight there was no one around and we had the grounds to ourselves, perfect time to wander.  It also gave me a chance to really look at the details of the building.


There are two of these imposing lions (or some kind of fierce being) on the High Street side of the building.  I think it would be nice to sic them onto some of the people in the world that want to take away our freedoms!


This is the only way I like to see boarded up windows on an old building – when they are accompanied by scaffolding!


I had the idea to pose Bentley and photograph him with the Capitol in the background.  Ha ha!  He has forgotten what stay means!  Just as I snapped this picture he bolted and started after the squirrel he was watching.  Fortunately he does know what No! means and he stopped, albeit it reluctantly.  I hated to squelch his fun, but was afraid the squirrel might lure him into the street! We will work on a refresher of sit-stay!

6 thoughts on “Jackson Dog Show, Day 3

  1. Congrats! That’s awesome. I know you’ve been a little discouraged but it’s great through to win after some disappointments. 🙂 He’s a beautiful dog and well deserved.
    And bless his heart, who could concentrate with a squirrel to chase!


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