The Wedgwood Senior Living complex


After a long absence I’ve returned to blogging and I’m excited about the many things I’ve collected to write about during the past few months! My first post is about a building that has been a familiar landmark on the San Antonio, Texas cityscape since 1965.

For several years I worked in an adjacent building (I parked near the carports in the lower left of the picture) and got to know one of the property managers via telephone.  They had several exotic birds that lived in the property’s garden area and one of them was an escape artist extraordinare.  I would arrive at work and find him wandering in our parking lot enjoying a leisurely morning!  I would give her a call and tell her that “so-and-so” (I don’t remember his name) was out.  She would sigh and then we would share a laugh to start our day!

Click here to visit Doorway Into the Past and read about this building and its new life.

Art Deco Friday – or is it Art Deco?

Noritake, Sterling Cove 

No this isn’t really an Art Deco style china pattern, but it is quickly becoming my favorite just because it reminds me of the 1920’s and 1930’s styles commonly referred to as Art Deco.  The gentle swirls on the rim and graceful lines could have put this china on the Great Gatsby’s elegant tables, couldn’t it?


In truth the pattern was manufactured from 1986-1999. I have a few place settings, a gravy boat, and a set of salt and pepper shakers that I treasure just for its creamy, neutral color and classic lines.

Easter Parade


Bunnies, eggs and vintage hats!  Time to start humming Easter Parade, too! Irving Berlin wrote so many memorable songs that we still enjoy today.  Easter Parade’s lyrics were written in 1933 and set to music he had composed in 1917.  Recorded many times and featured in numerous movies it really is one of those timeless songs we never forget!

25 Days of Christmas – December 1st


(Each day from now through Christmas Day I will share a picture of something that brings me joy during this Christmas Season. I hope you will enjoy each one and share in the joy of the celebration of the coming of the Christ Child!)

December 1st

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! A simple green wreath with a red bow hung on a window is a warm welcome to the Christmas Season.