Upon the approval of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 the document was rushed to the Philadephia print shop of John Dunlap. He quickly set the type and printed about 200"broadsides" (a page about the size of a full sheet of newsprint). In December 2002 I was fortunate to get to see one … Continue reading Independence

WordPress Woes

Recently I started having problems with my WordPress reader. Everything was grayed out - just blue boxes where I knew other blogs should be visible.  When I went into view my posts they were the same way.  I could post, but not see it afterward. I tried everything with no success.  No problems with other … Continue reading WordPress Woes

Maybe next year

The nice thing about blogging is that there are no deadlines, no quotas, or time restraints.  You blog when you want or can.  If you blog, fine.  If you do not, no problem.  I honor and respect that freedom; perhaps that is why I love to blog. Thanksgiving came early this year.  Christmas Day fell … Continue reading Maybe next year