Thursday: Then & Now

1985 photograph from the NRHP nomination form

From its opening in 1904 to its closing in 1975, the Carnegie Library was a cultural and educational center for the small, central Texas community of Belton. However, its days of serving the community were not over when the library relocated to a new building. The Bell County Commissioners granted use of the old library building to the Bell County Historical Commission and on December 7, 1975, the Bell County Museum opened its doors to the public.

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October 30, 2020

5 thoughts on “Thursday: Then & Now

  1. The updates (windows, brown trim, 2 white columns) and other accents really enhance and brighten the historical building. A perfect building for an historical society.

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    1. The exterior was an eye-catcher the first time I drove through town, but the interior was a WOW! Each time I visit, in my mind I see the shelves with books and wonder what it was like to come to this building to read and check out books!

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