Please Wait. I’m Defragmenting.

Frantic at 40 quilt by Robyn Lieberman, Tyler Texas

Have you ever felt like this? I think that’s how I feel right now, but not frantic. I’m fragmented. After an unproductive day yesterday by 5 p.m. I was totally frustrated and started thinking about what I had done all day. Well, let’s see. I went to the grocery store, so that was good. Then I…um, um. Oh, I ate lunch. And then…. um, um, well, um I don’t know what I did all afternoon. I know I did things, but what? I felt remorse at wasting a day that God had given to me and totally frustrated.

Later, sitting outside during the evening and sorting it out all I realized that I’m fragmented and have been for the last week. Like a computer whose files are all in the wrong place or a library bookshelf with the books out of order. Remember a few years ago when computers had to be told to clean up and organize (defragment) their files? Sometimes it took a while, but when the process was completed, the computer returned to normal working order. That’s how I feel, my brain’s files are all jumbled up and I can’t get anything done, I need to defragment.

So what happened? I know exactly. I tried to tackle two large projects (excavate and paint a spare room and clean out the garage) while managing several small projects (including preparing for an upcoming high school graduation celebration and company coming) and being busy with several commitments last week and my files got jumbled up. I wasn’t overloaded as some people tend to be when faced with too many activities, I just let myself get wrapped up in everything without first sitting down and getting a plan in place . I know better and after I defragment this weekend, I’ll be back and running efficiently.

6 thoughts on “Please Wait. I’m Defragmenting.

  1. I can so totally relate also. I look up and it is 2 pm every day and I think what have I been doing? I have been busy, true, but a whole lot of things are waiting for me to get busy on them, too. Then I decided “wait a minute.” So, I am. 🙂

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      1. True photo bomb because after I made the picture and realized he was in it, I tried to get him to look at me and he wouldn’t! My dogs are the best de-fragmenters!

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