Memorial Day 2022

Sunday morning, after attending an early church service, I decided to take a quick trip to Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery to see if the Memorial Day flags had already been placed. The “quick” trip turned into a 45-minute journey through the cemetery grounds and down a small road along the back of the post housing to exit onto a main thoroughfare. I didn’t mind because it gave me time to absorb the meaning of Memorial Day and the men and women buried here.

When I reached the main gate of the cemetery, I was surprised to find a long line of cars parked up and down the street outside – on both sides! The cemetery was also full of cars parked where allowed (parking in the cemetery is always very limited). The Boy Scouts were still putting out flags and there were many people paying their respects, some placing flowers and an additional, larger flag by markers. The pictures don’t really give the impact of the reverence of the graves and the rows and rows of flags.

This photo was made on a previous visit to the cemetery; traffic today was such that I couldn’t get a picture, but there were large flags all around this circle and continuing down the main drive. The main flag of the grouping fly’s day and night, always at half-staff in remembrance of those who gave their lives, the ultimate sacrifice.

One thought on “Memorial Day 2022

  1. We live near Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery – a very large national cemetery on the banks of the Mississippi. My boys, when growing up, participated at Boy Scouts putting the flags on the graves. It is a humbling site. Thank you for your post.

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