Winter appears to be almost over where I live.  We’ve had 3 snow falls and record breaking cold in spite of the fact that it was predicted to be a La Nina winter with warmer temperatures and dry conditions.  We certainly had (and continue to have) very dry conditions, otherwise, La Nina went elsewhere.  Oh, we may have another little cold spell, we never know, but for the most part, winter weather is over.

For many of my adult years I dreaded the cold, dreary days of winter with the leafless trees and brown grass. True, we do not have extreme cold for days on end, but what we have is enough.  Days that just seemed to drag on, one after another, until finally warmth returned and then with a vengeance.

Somewhere along the road of life I’ve started looking at winter differently.  Maybe I opened my eyes and discovered the designs of the trees’ leafless branches, each variety giving me a different design to enjoy.  On sunny days I saw shadows of those branches and their designs on the ground before me, something I would not see when the trees are in full leaf.

I found that when the vegetation and undergrowth die back then I can see through the tree trunks and see the ground below – and the trail where I walked just a few minutes before, never guessing that the trail was winding around. In winter, your view of the landscape is very different and offers more opportunities for visual observations.

Icicles only appear on the roof edges when the weather is very cold for several days.  It is interesting and fun to watch them form – and then melt and refreeze into strange shapes.

The crowning glory of any winter day is the sunset with its soft, winter blanket of feather like clouds and pale colors. Another reason to appreciate and enjoy winter.


2 thoughts on “Winter

  1. I like how you said, “Somewhere on the road of life I started looking at winter differently.” Every season does have its beauty. Even having to stay inside for 5 days in a row with our recent cold, cold spell, there is opportunity to enjoy. Thanks for your thoughtful post on the beauty of the season!

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