The Winter of ’21 – Round 2


18 February 2021 – snowing all morning

As forecast, it started snowing early this morning.  First just a dusting, but by 8 a.m. it was coming down strong.  It has continued through the morning, sometimes in blizzard-like strength and other times just a mist of small flakes.  It is a wet snow this time, but is still sticking and accumulating.  The dogs were offered an opportunity to go out and after making a few tracks decided that it was much too cold to take care of business and came inside (potty pad supply is holding up well).

photo from TX Dot camera 18 February 2021

Power is still out in many areas, but the outage map looked much improved this morning.  Due to low water pressure in our water supply, it is being suggested that we boil water before consuming.  Fortunately, I had put in a nice supply of large bottles of water from Costco for tea so I don’t have to bother with boiling for drinking water. Freeways are still closed and traffic is light; authorities are pleading with people to stay home.  (and most Texans don’t know how to handle snow and ice on roads).

I did bundle up and headed out to make some street pictures, but never got very far.  It was just too cold and the streets were cleared, so no blanket of snow to admire. The nandina bushes did give me a little show with their leftover red berries. The trees are catching a dusting, but what is accumulating is blown off by frequent blizzard blasts of wind.

I’ve enjoyed watching the snow today.  When it falls during the night it is a nice surprise to wake up to, but you miss the gentle rhythm of the falling snow and the peaceful scene before you. I know it may be a while before I see snow again, so as it falls I am content.

We are Texas strong!

4 thoughts on “The Winter of ’21 – Round 2

  1. We had that seconnd round of snow here in Arkansas too. I guess the worse part was how cold it got. February 2021 broke the record here for the most snowy month in Arkansas history. Love your photos.

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