Thursday: Then & Now

Bell County Courthouse, 1895. photo from collection of Bell County Museum

The Bell County Courthouse was presented to County Commissioners on May 29, 1885 and has been used for county business ever since.  Over the years it has seen a few changes, but fortunately today its exterior remains much the same. To read more about the Bell County Courthouse, Click Here

ca. 1920. photo from the collection of the Bell County Museum


1957. photo from collection of Bell County Museum


photo date unknown, prior to 1950s renovation


Clock tower today. photo take October 20, 2020


Courthouse today. photo taken October 30, 2020

5 thoughts on “Thursday: Then & Now

  1. Interesting pictures of the building through the years. It is amazing the building is still in use! I see a statue at one of the corner. I wonder who it is and if it is still there. Beautiful restoration of the clock tower, too. Thanks for your post, and enjoy your day!

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    1. I scrolled through my pictures and it appears the statue is no longer there. I also wonder who it was and what happened to it – another story to discover! I need to share some more pictures, too.

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  2. Texas has done a good job of preserving their courthouses. Throckmorton’s was another where the clock tower was removed in an ill-advised “renovation” and only restored in recent years. Some things are just better left alone. 🙂


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