Vagabond Week

IMG_0551.JPGAfter a week of wandering around, looking at this and that, impulsively travelling here and there, and immensely enjoying myself I have returned home.  It has been a good week, and truthfully, I would like for it to have continued. I had good intentions of doing daily reports like I usually do when I travel, but this time in keeping with the spirit of freedom I did not return to the hotel room each night with thoughts of writing.  Later, I told myself.

My first stop was in Corsicana, Texas.  I’ve travelled through Corsicana for many years and always thought it would be a good place to stop and explore.  This was the trip to do so.  I found a delightful little town that is trying to revitalize itself.  It is less that 60 miles from Dallas and I had the thought that it could be what Fredericksburg is to San Antonio if they market themselves right.

When I pulled into town it was about an hour before dark and knowing the light was ideal for pictures I started on a fast tour (not knowing that the camera wasn’t really focusing as I mentioned before).IMG_0548.JPG

The twin onion domes of this church had called out to me every time I went through Corsicana; I had to know what it was.  I was surprised to find that it is a Jewish temple. The first Jewish settlers came to Corsicana with the railroad in 1871. The congregation of Temple Beth-El was formed in 1898 by a group of Reformed Jews; in 1900 they built this temple. From what I quickly found they now only have services once a month, performed by a travelling Rabbi. Such a different, unique building!

The First Baptist Church, First Methodist Church, and St. John’s Episcopal also captured my attention.  But it was the Navarro County Courthouse I wanted to see in the evening light; it is under renovation, much to my delight!


This Beaux Arts Classical Revival style building was completed in 1905.  The renovations were scheduled to be completed in January, but it appears that they are still working on completely restoring the interior to its original appearance. (More to come on Doorway Into the Past).


I have to wonder what is inside this top floor – I just love these details!


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