Southern Traction Company

The Southern Traction Company provided interurban transportation between Corsicana and Dallas from 1912 to 1941. Its sister company, the Texas Traction Company, provided service between Dallas, Denton, and Waco; in 1917 they would merge to form the Texas Electric Railway. The interurban trains would stop to pick up passengers when flagged down and offered affordable … Continue reading Southern Traction Company

Between 2 buildings

Downtown Pocket Park sits quietly between 2 buildings in historic downtown Corsicana. I noticed this space from across the street, but didn't realize what it was until I was closer.  It wasn't just an empty space between 2 buildings, it was a little park! Corsicana's Art in Public Places committee selected this space to be … Continue reading Between 2 buildings

Navarro County Courthouse

Click here to go to Doorway Into the Past to read about the 1905 Navarro County Courthouse in Corsicana, Texas. Stay tuned for an interesting story about the Lady of Justice that adorns the front of the building!

Vagabond Week

After a week of wandering around, looking at this and that, impulsively travelling here and there, and immensely enjoying myself I have returned home.  It has been a good week, and truthfully, I would like for it to have continued. I had good intentions of doing daily reports like I usually do when I travel, but … Continue reading Vagabond Week