On the road


I am a happy vagabond.  Very happy with one exception that I’ll explain shortly.  I’m on a road trip that is almost totally unplanned and totally relaxing.  I put this week on the vacation several months ago and even though many unexpected events have come to pass at work I held firm that I was going to be off this week.  The only problem was that every time I started planning some things to do I just drew a blank.  I would sit with a blank notebook page and feel so overwhelmed that I would close it up.  So many places to visit, so many things to see, how could I choose what to do?

As the time drew nearer I hesitatingly started making skeleton plans. Go, I told myself, just go, you need to go.  I argued that I needed to spend the week at home getting things done and having work done on the aging house.  I also argued that the money spent on a road trip would be better spent on other projects.  In the end the road trip, albeit somewhat unplanned, won.  If I had stayed home this week I would have lost my mind.  This has been the most refreshing thing I’ve done for myself in a long time! There’s no rushing to get from place to place and I’m keeping driving minimal. If I have a spur of the moment idea, then so be it, off I go.  This is the new way to road trip for me!

Now, with that explanation being offered here’s the unhappiness of the week.  My camera, my faithful companion, has decided that it will absolutely not focus.  It’s been out of whack for a while and I thought I had it back in sync.  But no, my pictures are just not right.  And, what’s the fun of a road trip if you can’t make pictures?  I passed by a Best Buy tonight and told myself, no shopping now, just deal with what you’ve got. If it’s the only problem this week then I can get over it.

So, where have I been?  (to be continued)


2 thoughts on “On the road

  1. Just go where the wind blows you, I have taken many trips that way and they were so much fun. The camera problem is sad. Gotta have a good camera on trips. HAVE FUN!

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