When what-if becomes reality

Made in America 1957.  Still running perfectly today.

Several years ago I started playing the what if game with myself.  It started one boring day at work when I realized that my desk was perfect for cross stitching (at that time I was still under the delusion that I had time for intricate stitchery).  The lighting was perfect and my chair was comfortable; what if I could just sit here and stitch for the rest of the day, I asked myself.  It was a delicious day dream that gave me a little encouragement. Then the what if became: what if I could set up my beloved Featherweight machine and sit here and sew all day?  There’s even room for a small pressing board and little iron.  I could just see those little fabric pieces rolling under the chattering needle!

I still play that game with myself.  But now I am coming to realize that those what-if’s are really dreams that are coming from my inner self.  My heart whispers these longings to me in the form of a dream in the what-if game.  Now when I have the “what-if I could” thought I find myself stopping to consider if that what-if could become a reality.

One of those dreams to reality has now unfolded itself and I want to share it with you, dear readers, in this post.  I love writing and I love sharing words. Over five years ago I started this blog and have written over 500 posts.  But, still I’ve wanted more and often had the thought what if I could take this writing to the next level.  One of the ways I’ve wanted to do that was through a web site where I could continue with posts but have opportunities for offering more than what is available through Blogger.  I’m excited to share that the web site has become a reality!  This new site is an example of when a what-if dream becomes reality!

Blogger has been very good to me and I’m leaving the dog’s blog and Doorway Into the Past with Blogger.  For a time I’m going to post Small Simple Things in both places, just until I feel completely comfort with WordPress.  I’ll be writing more about the new site in future posts.  I invite you to please join me here.

The next what-if?  Well, what if I could write a book, or two, or three.  I’m listening to those whispers from my heart! Thanks for reading and please keep reading as I make this change and share more words in the spirit of bringing peace and joy to the reader!

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