Wednesday 08.12.2015

Creativity and inspiration often surprise me when I’m not expecting it.  I’ve lived here almost 12 years and I’ve threatened several times to take down these dust catching shutters that are on either side of both doors into the kitchen.  I was afraid that if I did the walls and the space would be bare.  The shutters frame the doors and give the rooms depth.

The thought came suddenly one day:  Why don’t you use these to hang pictures up on since you are short on wall space?  Go get some hooks and give it a try.  I just happened upon these frames at Michael’s with ribbon already attached.  Selecting pictures and experimenting with the arrangement took a while, but I’m pleased.

I have family pictures on the doors into the breakfast area and pictures of flowers on the doors into the formal dining room.  Perfect solution, but I have to wonder why it took me 12 years to think of this!

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