Big D – Day 2 (07.03.2015)

Day 2 started early with grooming and then into the ring.  The show is sponsoring a July 4th decorating prize with cash prizes, so why not get in the red, white, and blue spirit?

My first stop of the sightseeing was the Dallas Heritage Village.  I chose to stay off the freeway due to major, confusing construction.  I’m so glad I did because I saw so much as we travelled the streets of Dallas, so many old buildings to go back and discover.  I also was pleased to pass by the Farmers Market and know that it is so easy to access.  Early in the journey I saw the dreaded “detour ahead” signs, but they didn’t pan out.

The Village is a collection of buildings located on the oldest city park in Dallas.  The park had fallen into decline and was revived by the re-location of these buildings into the park to create a village depicting life from the past.  Read the full story here. I enjoyed walking the grounds and will do a post on this delightful place to visit.

It was getting hot and I couldn’t go inside any of the buildings because I had Bentley with me, so we navigated back to the area around the Dallas Museum of Art.  I hate to drive around looking for parking, so when I saw that the DMA had parking I pulled in, even though it is one of those creepy underground garages (told myself not to think about it!).  Bentley was a little freaked out, but we got parked and were quickly on the street.

We immediately headed to Klyde Warren Deck Park.  This greenspace is built over I-30!  Yes, it is amazing.  There were food trucks, but we would later come back to eat at Savor, a dog-friendly restaurant.  They have many activities including games, free reading materials, and water play places.

When I saw the M-line trolley parked along Olive Street we quickly made our way over and hopped on.  It is free and dog friendly!  We rode almost the entire route. I forgot to make a picture of the car we rode, but it was quite old.  This one appeared to be a newer reproduction.

Interior detail of the car we rode

Bentley wasn’t too sure about this but was a good sport.  He was admired and petted, so he was happy.  He rode for a while on my lap, but moved into the floor.  I wasn’t too happy as it ended up I was facing backward, so I had to twist around to keep my motion sensitivity calm! It was a little bumpy getting him off the trolley; the steps were steep and he freaked out when I picked him up to get off.  I made it down without falling – everyone just stood there and no one offered to help, oh well!  We may go back tomorrow and re-ride facing forward and with a map in my hand so I won’t miss the things I wanted to see.

Yes, there are many things I want to see in this vibrant city. Day 2 has brought discovery of a new place to come back to again and again!

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