Big D – Day 1 (07.02.2015)

This morning Mr. Bentley and I dropped off the other dogs at their “resort” and headed up I-35 to Dallas, Big D!  We are here for a dog show and a little dog-friendly sight seeing.  Plus, it is the Fourth of July and we are in Big D!


We stopped at a rest stop in Bell County and I knew I was in central Texas when I saw this sign!

I’ve been in and out of Dallas numerous times through my life.  Sometimes on family trips, sometimes on business, and sometimes just driving or flying through (I was well acquainted with Love Field as a child!).  But I’ve never been completely on my own here, so I’ve looked forward to this little adventure of new roads/freeways to navigate and new places to explore. I am fascinated with their light rail system and entertained myself on a doggie-potty walk earlier this evening with watching the trains fly by – they move right along the track!

Bentley’s a great little traveler, a nice road companion.  The only draw back to a road trip with a dog is that you have to arrange your meals a little differently since they can’t accompany you into most restaurants.  Some people can leave their dog alone in a hotel room long enough to enjoy a meal or brief outing, but not this one.  He is good in the hotel and minds his manners fairly well, but does not like to be left alone for very long periods so I’ve never left him for longer than a few minutes.

We’ve had a full day travelling, setting up our space at the show, a little grooming and then settling into our hotel.  This little dog is one tired pup! And yes, he is on the bed.  We don’t do this at home!

Tomorrow we have an early morning show time and then we are headed out to see the sites if I can navigate through the construction zones!

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