Maybe next year


The nice thing about blogging is that there are no deadlines, no quotas, or time restraints.  You blog when you want or can.  If you blog, fine.  If you do not, no problem.  I honor and respect that freedom; perhaps that is why I love to blog.

Thanksgiving came early this year.  Christmas Day fell on a Sunday.  So that meant we had an extra long Christmas season, assuming that the season “officially” begins when Santa rides in at the end of the Macy’s parade (that is my official beginning and may be disputed by some). For me this has been a wonderful luxury that I have enjoyed to the fullest.  I love Christmas and having the extra time just gave me more time to enjoy it…well, maybe.

It has been a wonderful fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas season.  I would like to share with everyone that it was beautiful and absolutely perfect.  My immaculately clean, beautifully and perfectly decorated house sparkles.  I baked 50 dozen cookies and created beautiful cakes and pies for friends and neighbors.  I mailed out 200 Christmas cards, each hand addressed and with a personal note written inside.  I made quilts, table runners, and monogrammed towels for everyone on my gift list.  I gave and attended brilliantly executed parties. But I can’t tell you that as that isn’t quite the truth – there were a few glitches along the way and everything wasn’t like a picture from a magazine.

First up was the outside decorations.  I’ve always been a minimalist with lights on the house and other decorations.  But this year instead of my usual scattered lights across the shrubbery I had the idea to wrap those three nice, big tree trunks in the front yard with lights.  The oldest grandson was on board all the way.  We made a trip to Home Depot the Friday before Thanksgiving and returned with extra extension cords, a splitter, a new timer, and more lights (just in case).  We got the first tree wrapped, but the darkness and decreasing temperatures made us stop.  No problem, we’ll continue.  Well, maybe.  A week or so later I decided the project had to get done as I didn’t want to look like Scrooge. After an hour in the dark of moving the ladder around this large tree to go higher and higher I decided I had better things to do.  Finally ten days before Christmas I abandoned the project, tackled unwinding the lights, and got the grandson to help me scatter them on the shrubbery. Maybe next year.

Cookie baking was executed one Friday night and Saturday.  They were wonderful and eaten fairly quickly except for the Chocolate Crinkles that were dumped into a plastic bag and dropped into the trash before they ever hit the baking sheet.  It was a classic example of everything going wrong.  Ingredients in the wrong order and multiple misreading’s of the recipe were to blame. They were packaged in plastic bags and an odd assortment of tins, no silver platters with twigs of rosemary and holly.  Only a select few actually made it to a Christmas platter.

And those quilts and other projects, let’s talk about them.  They never made it out of the storage boxes and onto the cutting table.  What? No hand crafted projects this year?  What on earth did people think was going on here. For shame.  Well, I did monogram the twin’s names onto stand-up laundry hampers for them.  I didn’t make the hampers, so that may not count.  Maybe next year.

Christmas cards went out early, but only to a select few, and they weren’t cards I created – they were bought in the store, packaged in a box (perish the thought). I only attended 2 parties, both very enjoyable. I did not entertain during the Christmas season. I did not feel compelled to shop sales and spend ridiculous amounts of money on gifts. My house certainly doesn’t look like a magazine – it looks comfortably lived in.  No, Christmas wasn’t perfect, and I found myself at times absorbed in other things and forgetting to just enjoy the season.  But still…it was Christmas and I am at peace with myself.

Dear readers, I hope your Christmas was peaceful, too.  And, remember, Christmas is a celebration of God’s love for us.  It isn’t about being perfect and feeling compelled to do impossible things.  It is simply about sharing love and joy with others.


5 thoughts on “Maybe next year

  1. Thank goodness, for a minute there, I was feeling like whaaaatttt? 🙂 This morning I was thinking how much I was enjoying the day with its peaceful quiet calm, a warm Mississippi day (for December 25), a simple dinner and simple dessert, and a simple present for each of us, dogs happily lying on the new doggie beds while we sat in the living room and talked and laughed.

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  2. Sounds like your Christmas was wonderful. Our Christmas with family was fantastic. Hope your upcoming year 2017 goes great Beth.


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