Tuesday Tablescape: DT Lemons

I’m not sure what drew me to these lemons from the Dollar Tree (DT) in the first place. I had seen others using them for table scaping in a social media group that inspires me. The bright lemons did make a pretty table, but I had no plans to incorporate them into my summer table setting. Obviously, as you can see, the lemons came home with me.

Two place settings are on this breakfast table that I rarely eat at – I keep it set so I won’t clutter it up with papers and craft supplies. The other two settings are in regular use and will continue until at least September. The bright yellow color has given a cheerful touch to this table and each time I walk by I am glad the DT lemons called out to me!

Since the plates, placemats, and glasses didn’t cost very much I was determined not to spend anything on the rest of the table items. So I went to work going through what I had on hand and had fun experimenting until I got the “look” I wanted. My parents were Depression Era babies and I was raised with the Depression Era attitude of “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”; for some reason, I felt this attitude was appropriate for the inexpensive DT lemons. .

The woven placemats are plastic, believe it or not. I had bought them recently at the At Home store and they were a perfect backing for the flimsy DT placemats. The yellow cloth in the middle is actually a large napkin that I use as a liner in a bread basket; it is probably the only yellow thing I own! The glass bowl and plate under it were thrift store finds that come into use from time to time and here they dressed up the table a little bit.

Now to admit, I did have to go back to DT and buy a lemon bowl and flowers to go in it. I tried a candle and greenery and several other arrangements, but the table needed flowers, yellow flowers. The cost was minimal, so they were the only thing I had to buy for the table arrangement.

The coasters gave a touch of blue to the table and my parents’ Chantilly sterling silver dressed it up a bit. When my Mother chose that pattern she chose well as it is so versatile. I use the Chantilly often as it has a nice weight and balance in the pieces, unlike stainless steel.

The plates and glasses have gone through the dishwasher numerous times and show no sign of wear. Really pleased with the quality of the plates and glass ware. It isn’t Lenox or Waterford, but it is perfect for summer!
Ooops! Missing one place setting of silver ware in this picture!

I’m not a big fan of lemonade, but before the summer is over I need to either make a pitcher full or just buy some and enjoy a cool, yellow drink in my DT lemon glasses.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tablescape: DT Lemons

  1. Beth, I think this table setting is beautiful! I love all the yellow – so cheerful! The Chantilly coasters blend nicely with the texture of the woven placemats, and “grounds” the setting. Very nicely done! I’m also glad to know the glasses went through the dishwasher several times and still look good!

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