On the vine

Cherry tomatoes on the vine instantly bring back the memory of sneaking a few into my mouth while crouching low in the garden furrow to avoid my grandmother on the next row from seeing me. I had been told not to eat them unwashed, but how could I resist that warm, juicy taste! This was … Continue reading On the vine

What is this?

Several weeks ago as I was coming into the house through the back door, something flew across in front of me and landed on the brick fireplace chimney. It startled me and I jumped back. But when I saw what it was then I was really startled - what on earth is this? Shaped like … Continue reading What is this?

Good ‘ol summertime

  Summer arrived long before the Summer Solstice did in the heart of Texas.  The heat, humidity, and mosquitos made an entrance early in May.  Our only redemption is that we have had beneficial rains and some reasonably sensible temperatures at brief intervals. It's definitely summer and people are turning their thoughts to staying cool, … Continue reading Good ‘ol summertime