The Little Free Library

I love how these Little Free Libraries surprise me when they pop up unexpectedly!

Even though it was cloudy and a little windy this afternoon, I was ready for a walk at the park. Over a week of cold weather had really left me longing for a walk along a peaceful path and I had some pumpkins left over from the fall decorations that I needed to feed to the deer.

It was colder than I thought so I smashed one pumpkin in a common feeding area and the dog and I decided to take a short quarter mile loop that ended by one of the park’s playgrounds. And there next to the playground it stood – this Little Free Library!

I was pleased to see it well supplied with children’s books – isn’t this a perfect place for a Little Free Library? It was the perfect way to end our very short walk on a January afternoon!

I’ve shared this link before, but if you want to locate a Little Free Library near you, click here. Or you can let one surprise you! Just to note I pick up books at thrift stores and rummage sales to keep in the car in case a library needs a few!

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