The Giving Gift

Last September I ordered three amaryllis bulbs from and scheduled them for delivery in November. I had several varieties of amaryllis, one going back to the original bulb given to me as a Christmas gift by a co-worker and the others picked up from bins at the grocery store and Home Depot. They were nice bulbs and had produced beautiful blooms, even last year after the winter storm that snowed us in for 5 days. However, I wanted bulbs that were a little less common than those available at the local stores.

photo taken December 18, 2021

When the bulbs arrived I was pleased to see that they were very large and very healthy in appearance. I was also surprised to discover that they were imports from Holland – how authentic can an amaryllis be?

One of the bulbs sprouted right away and, in a very short time, sprouted a second stalk. I was amazed and impatient for them to open. But I was really amazed when I counted 6 blooms on the first stalk – 6! The variety is named “Christmas Gift” and since it was just before Christmas when the blooms started opening I knew it was an appropriate name.

The blooms measure 4.5-5.5 inches in diameter!

This bulb has been the gift that keeps on giving as the second stalk had four blooms and this morning I realized there is a third stalk forming. I am delighted and the best part is that one of the other two bulbs is blooming (it will get is own post) and the other one has a bud stalk, so I know I will have amaryllis blooms to enjoy for quite a while. And, by then the older bulbs should have buds and the enjoyment will continue.

This bulb has to be the best gift I’ve ever given myself!

Third stalk appearing January 12, 2022

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