Thursday: Then & Now


Walkers along the Museum Reach of the San Antonio River most likely pay no attention to the small, steel footbridge that crosses the River just north of the San Antonio Museum of Art. But this bridge, like many bridges that cross the River, has a history of its own.

The Brewery complex has an interesting history; I’ll be sharing more on it later.

Originally installed between the towers of the Lone Star Brewery’s main building, the bridge was replaced by a glass skywalk during the renovation of the building by the San Antonio Museum Association.  It was stored away until it was placed in its current location as part of the San Antonio River Improvements Project in 2009 and named the Brewery Bridge in recognition of its former location.

The modern day skywalk can be seen in the center, just above the Brewery Bridge, connecting the towers of the San Antonio Museum of Art. Photograph was taken on the west side of the River, looking south.

Today it allows walkers to cross from the west side of the River to the east side in order to continue on to downtown.  Walkers that continue on the west side will reach the San Antonio Museum of Art and its interestingly renovated and repurposed property.

Photograph taken from the west side of River, looking east.

3 thoughts on “Thursday: Then & Now

  1. Interesting! So, do I understand it right that the old location (the sky bridge) can be seen from the bridge and its new location? Is there a plaque which states something like- “see where this bridge used to be?” How nice the bridge was saved and later repurposed in the San Antonio River Improvement Project. We have not visited San Antonio. However, my son just bought a house in Dallas. I envision many future trips to Texas and exploring all around the state. Your posts will enrich our visits!

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    1. Yes, the Museum and the skywalk is just south of the River. If you continue past the bridge on the west side of the River you will walk into the Museum. So, it is kinda cool that you see the old bridge with its replacement. You will enjoy Dallas – it is a very vibrant, fun place.

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