The Amaryllis Parade -2021 style

Apple Blossom amaryllis

Just a month after the winter snow storm with record breaking temperatures/wind chill/power outages/boil water notices ended the first amaryllis bud stalk poked its lovely head out of a practically dead bulb. I posted about this occurrence here, but now I’m enjoying that first stalk. Actually, I’m amazed beyond just simple enjoyment.

I really think this variety is a show-off with a me-first attitude. Planted in the fall of 2019, it stunned me with a bud in late December. A first-year amaryllis with a bud in December was just unheard of to me. It delighted me with blooms in early 2020, leading the way for the other varieties to unfold their display of colors.

Being covered with a frozen blanket for 10 days must have fueled its inner ambition to be the showiest. This stalk has 6 flowers on it. Six! The 6th one is still small and hidden in the picture. Still not to be outdone, it has another bloom stalk growing from the base. The Apple Blossom variety is definitely one to buy if you’re just starting out with amaryllis.

But, wait. There’s more for me to show you.

In grouping the pots together prior to covering them they got shifted around a bit. I think this is the fabulous Red Peacock variety. It is a double amaryllis that was also a hardy bloomer last year during its first season with me. So far, one bulb has three bud stalks and there is another bulb with two stalks. I’m expecting a nice display here.

The bulbs in this pot are descendants of the original bulb I started with many years ago. Most likely, it is a Red Lion variety. Over the years it has given me hundreds of bulbs that I’ve shared with others. It usually blooms right around Holy Week and Easter. In light of the winter weather, I can forgive its late blooms this year. I know these three stalks will still pop out the brilliant red color I’ve always enjoyed. Possibly, there will be more buds later.

As much as I have hovered over the pots, there are still several with no signs of buds. I am hopeful, but with all the blooms and buds I have so far, I can understand if they choose to rest for this season.

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