Welcome to Summer 2020!


I’m sure that many of us are wondering what this summer will bring to our world.  This past Spring has been memorable, but not the kind of memorable that makes one want to linger there.  However, Spring is behind us and now on to Summer!

Let’s enjoy cold watermelon and watch some of those lingering sunsets while swatting mosquitos!  And, don’t forget the gallons of sweet tea we will be drinking all summer! Life is way to short to get bogged down in the negativity of the daily news.  Just as the seasons progress, so will our days and we will find better, brighter things ahead.




3 thoughts on “Welcome to Summer 2020!

  1. I’m for the cold watermelon and sweet tea. Lots of peace with no news. Nature all around and prayers that people will become smarter and stop spreading this virus. Let’s shoot for a normal world. Welcome to Summer Beath.

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