Easter Sunday Dinner for One


Several years ago I decided to make life easier and I stopped inviting my family over for Easter dinner.  I was tired of balancing their in-laws, egg hunts, and church services with a meal.  It worked for them, too, as it gave them more freedom to enjoy the day rather than rush from one celebration to another.  I’ve enjoyed attending church, making a nice dinner, and then relaxing on Easter afternoon.

This year I had intended to try to gather every one on Palm Sunday for a casual meal as sit-down space is limited in my small home.  But, corona had other plans and we all stayed home.

This year I knew that online church was the only option.  However, I knew I wanted a nice Easter dinner even if it was just to be me.  I hadn’t used my china in a long time and it was time for a formal table place setting at the formal dining room table.  To me, the food wasn’t really about the meal.  It was the experience of dining. And, I have to say it was very pleasant and I intend to do this more often.  Why haven’t I already???


The china is the Noritake Silver Cove I shared in an earlier post.  I absolutely love this pattern that reminds me of Art Deco and am eternally grateful to whomever donated this to the thrift store. After I cleared the table I remembered that I have a set of black chargers stored away.  Next time.


The flatware is Chantilly by Gorham.  I’ll do another post on this one, but for now this was my parents’ and I’ve had it stored away for at least 10 years or more.  I expected to have to polish it before use, but no need.  After a dip in soapy water, a rinse, and dry with one of my mother’s cotton dish towels it sparkled very nicely.  I suspect the last time it was polished was when as a teen I loved to frequently polish everything silver that my mother owned.


This stemware goblet is a bit of a mystery.  I brought home two sets of stemware from my parent’s home knowing that one was Waterford and the other something else.  Still, the iced tea tasted wonderful and I intend to use these more often. Why not? (the light in the picture makes it look cloudy, but it was sparkling clear in real life)


Easter Dinner for One.  Totally wonderful in every way!

9 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Dinner for One

  1. I love this, Beth! The table looks lovely, and perfectly coordinated! When I first came to Mississippi by myself, I set the table every night and made time to savor my meal even if I was alone. The dishes are stunning and look perfect with the curves and lines on the silver–good job!

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