Time to finish up 2019


On December 1st a local faith based ministry posted a beautiful starlight picture on Face Book with the caption,

“December – the month of joy, happiness and to finish what you started.”

Well, that’s a different approach I thought as I read it, but then again it was good reasoning. We think of December as a month of Christmas and holidays and all the associated good cheer the season brings rather than think of it as a time to complete the tasks started in the past eleven months.

However, perhaps the approach of the corporate world toward their year end is a better way. Crunch those numbers, get the reports ready, and push to finish up projects before the end of the year. That way the corporation starts the new year with a fresh start or at least theoretically with one.

Somehow the thought of a new year approaching seems to bring out the procrastination habit in most of us  Oh, just leave that project until next year – it can be a New Year’s resolution we think. While that’s an easy thought, it really isn’t practical or efficient. The better approach is to recognize the unfinished tasks and make an effort to complete them before January 1st and finish the year up on a tidy note.

If not this year, then it’s definitely a thought to keep in mind as we move through 2020 that the year ends on December 31st and the started projects need to be completed.  A good New Year’s resolution for the coming year!





4 thoughts on “Time to finish up 2019

  1. We all seem to put things off and say “Next month or next year I will do that or finish that.” I did not do that when I was younger, but decades later I am good at procrastination. Ha I better shape up! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Beth.

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  2. Time seems to slip away so fast. Sometimes I wonder if it truly matters if we get all the things in life (that we think up) done. Good excuse I guess.

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  3. I am always so busy in December with holiday preparations that I never think about finishing tasks in my personal life, but it would be wonderful to begin the new year with a clean slate when it comes to projects.


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