Such a long time

How many times have I said this?

Yes, it does seem like it’s been forever since I blogged.  I could blame it on the hot weather – you know, it’s just too hot to blog.  I’ve had lots of ideas and it seems that I blog in my mind all the time, but somehow making myself sit down and put together posts has seemed like the impossible task.  Do I keep blogging or do I give it up?

Many of my fellow bloggers have felt overwhelmed with keeping up in the blogging world and have either left or cut way back. I’ve lost readers because I don’t post and, possibly because reading blogs has lost it’s appeal.  Social media is so much easier, just scroll through and you’re done. I’ve also been frustrated because I have reason to believe that certain local sources are using my historic posts for research for publication articles and not referencing their source (yes, my research is based on information from common sources and easily obtained, but I took the time to do the research and write it up).

I have 3 blogs with different subjects and the 4th original blog that I still post on from time to time. Each subject is very dear to me so I don’t want to eliminate one of them. After thinking about this at length I decided that I just can’t give this up. I am going to pace myself so I don’t feel overwhelmed or pressured to get a post up.  Above all I am going to write things that I want to share and that will, as always, will bring peace and joy to my readers.  Write on I say!

When you see clouds like this in the Texas sky you know it’s hot!

7 thoughts on “Such a long time

  1. I do know what you mean about using your research without referencing. I once found one of my photographs on a website, and contacted them about posting it without my permission, which it clearly states on the blog in visible space. They said they understood it was Open Source, and I politely said no it was not, and no one could get that idea from my clearly worded attribution that nothing could be used without permission. It was an academic site, which really surprised me someone was that careless, or intentionally unethical. People seem to have the idea that if it is on the Internet, it is okay to steal it.

    I know what you mean about the blogging, too. It has been so crazy here all summer, and I have not posted since June. Not sure what I am going to do, but…next year looks to be even worse! 🙂 I am so out of focus, this is the first time in weeks I have even looked at my reader!

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    1. I agree 100% about people thinking the Internet is common property. I’m sure as a professor you warn your students about using someone else’s information! I’m trying to remember what problem I had with the Living New Deal. I think a guy lifted my photos and some of the information from one of my submissions and put it in his blog and didn’t reference that it came from the LND. I don’t remember how I discovered this, but I contacted the LND and they took care of it!

      I know what you mean about crazy and out of focus. I’m there!

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  2. I cut back on who are my blogging friends. I now drive to my daughter’s house twice a week to blog. My satellite company gave too few GB and kept increasing their price – no other choice for internet in the country. Bogging gets overwhelming for me at times.

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  3. I completely know what you mean. I had gotten so frustrated with my ancient computer that I dreaded even trying to work on a post. Finally broke down and bought a new one so no excuses now!

    I’ve also had my work used without permission, sometimes cited sometimes not. I try not to get too upset because it’s the Internet and what can you really do? Still makes me mad though.

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