Try this instead

I should have come home and walked the two boy dogs before it got dark.  I should have trimmed doggie paws and combed little ears.  I should have swept, raked, and dumped leaves and acorns into the organics container.  But instead I took a small glass of wine, some cheese and my writing notebook out to the deck.  I had thirty minutes before it got dark to just enjoy myself.  Not a bad choice, I may have to try it again. Sometimes you just have to try something a little different, treat yourself to something small, and get out of the rut.

4 thoughts on “Try this instead

  1. Amen to that. Most people relax on the weekends – those people are not married an over the road truck driver. I hustle and bustle all weekend getting him ready to go back on the road Monday morning so Monday night is MY night. I rest, relax, and do the bare minimum. Treat yourself sometimes. 🙂

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  2. I did that yesterday–it was so beautiful, and I sat outside with a glass of wine, reading out loud to myself in the waning daylight. Then, I made a fire in the chimenea (even though it was a pleasant evening, because it was not raining for a change.

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