‘Til next year


When I was younger I had the iron clad rule that all Christmas decorations had to be taken down and stored away before the close of January 1st.  No exceptions!   I remember being like a possessed woman to get it all done, too, and to accommodate the other members of the family I would vacuum where the tree had been during the commercials of the New Year’s Day football games. Often I would start on New Year’s Eve because I just had to have it done. It was a mad rush, to say the least.

Now I am older and, hopefully, wiser.  Maybe I’ve mellowed out a bit or maybe I’ve just gotten lazy.  Perhaps I just want the season to linger a wee bit longer.  Now there is no hurry.  I will miss the soft glow of the slowly twinkling colored lights on the tree and the cute little dachshund that made it’s way to my hearth this year.  I will miss the charming smiles of the snow people, too.  The quiet figures of the Nativity scene will be the last things I put in boxes.  Until next year dears, see you in November!



2 thoughts on “‘Til next year

  1. It is funny – the older you get – the longer it takes to do everything. Lol Things seem to slow down and a person relaxes more and life becomes more serene – with age. I guess you could say – “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” (as the old saying goes)

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