Relax like a cat


On Christmas morning Mitzie was curled up on the turned back comforter at the foot of the bed.  Regretfully, I had to ask her to relocate so I could finish making the bed.  Years ago I had another cat that would remain on the bed like this while I dressed for work; I always thought there was something terribly wrong and unfair with that situation!  Mitzie’s brother, Baxter, was the ultimate bed sleeper.  He slept there all night and would sleep there all day with only short “breaks”.  I often came home to find him exactly where he was when I left early that morning and pretty much in the same comfy position.

I find it intriguing that the cats always seem to find a most comfortable spot to sleep.  They don’t worry about what’s around them, they just get into the most comfortable position they can and then totally relax. In fact, it seems like total abandonment of any resemblance to a living creature.  Until, of course they hear the rattle of the food bag, the food hitting the bowl, or the untimely disturbance by one of the dogs.

6 thoughts on “Relax like a cat

  1. Mr Midnight says that “chillin” is the only way to get through life. Sir Winston points out that relaxing is the best medicine with which to master lifes trials.
    Best wishes from our blog “Gilmours Nice Place” for 2017.
    Meow, purr purr and all the best! 🙂


  2. Would be nice to relax as well as cats do. Cats have a mind of their own and they do just what they want to do – no matter what. Have had many cats as pets over the years. Mitzie certainly is a pretty cat.


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