It’s almost Thanksgiving

I don’t need a calendar to tell me that Thanksgiving is getting very near.  I’m seeing the usual reminders.


The Christmas Cactus that originated with my great-aunt Jessie blooms at Thanksgiving and just look at these blooms!  This is the smaller, younger plant and the older plant is just as loaded with buds.

nandina berries Nov 2015

The often blogged about nandinas are just beginning to turn a soft pink.  They will be at their peak after Christmas, but I still associate them with Thanksgiving.  This year they are especially dear to me because I had none last year, so I’m thrilled to see the bushes so well loaded.


The pyracantha berries appeared over a month ago; I made this picture several weeks ago in Comfort, Texas.  I do not have any pyracantha bushes and do not intend to ever – they have wicked thorns.  Growing up we lived in several houses that had pyracantha bushes and whenever my mother pruned them I was called on to help pick up the trimmings OUCH! But they do put on a beautiful display of berries and as long as I don’t have to deal with them then I will appreciate their vibrant color.

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